Recombinant Church


Research by George and Katherine Prince of Knowledge Works about Spiritual Ecosystems.

Community Spiritual Companion, a short piece on one creative iteration of ministry that we’ve tried in the Kootenays.

History of Convergence, the collaborative writers’ weekend engaging writing and social justice – Convergence Chronology 2018.

Louisville Institute funded research on Microfinance – Rationale for United Church Microfinance Proposal. You can also view another form of this research, Proposal to United Church Fresh in the Spirits R.

Recombinant Blog

  • Wide Spot: Garbage

    I have a lovely neighbor who likes to believe that those beer cans by the roadside blew out of the back of someone’s truck on the way to recycling. I’m not so forgiving. I hate that mess in the ditch with a passion, and resent the perpetrators with a purple passion. I feel personally disrespected … Read more

  • The Other Edge (George Meier)

    If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll know the famous Sidney Crosby—one of the greatest players ever. And if you are a hockey player looking to improve your game, you can watch Sidney demonstrate skating drills using the outside edges of his skates on YouTube. In hockey skates, a small, hollow trough runs the length of … Read more

  • Dancing (George Meier)

    If we are part of a shrinking church membership, at some point we will get booted out into the world.  So, from one point of view, why wait for the doors to hit you on the way out?  Why not reinvent the church in the very centres of our communities?   At least we will get … Read more

  • Facing Reality (George Meier)

    When I began full time ministry in 1992, my call was to help churches facing difficulty to become again a vital and transforming presence in people’s lives.  My frame of reference was the church as the indispensable container for experiencing, nurturing and sharing God’s love.  We just needed healthy churches and everything would be fine.  … Read more